What is Turbine Optimization?

Improving performance of wind turbines is of interest to the wind energy industry as it provides the opportunity to reduce the cost of generating electricity. This cost is largely determined by the efficiency of wind turbines and maintenance of the equipment.

The blade of a wind turbine is exposed to many factors during its lifetime which may cause damage and fatigue. These factors include cyclical operating and gust loads as well as icing and erosion.

Defects occurred during the manufacturing process, as well as damages during blade transport, can lead to failure or loss of turbine operation if remain undetected.
The aim of Corporate Energies is to achieve the highest possible performance for its customers under certain atmospheric conditions.

For this purpose, Corporate Energies offers services focused on rotor and blade optimization.

Our Services

  • Dynamic rotor balancing
  • Blade angle measurement
  • Load measurement
  • Tower clearance
  • Technical consulting
  • Root cause analyses
  • Optimization of WEC production and availability
  • Completion and commissioning
  • Vibration measurement of WT for rotor imbalance
  • Tower clearance measurement
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Large measuring distances of 200, 400 m to wind turbine
  • Temporal disturbance detection