Wind Measurement Campain

To predict a potential wind farm’s energy yield as accurate as possible and to evaluate its profitability, a detailed measurement of wind resource on the respective site is required for a period of minimum 12 months. Wind measurement campaigns are performed prior to having a detailed wind project design.

Corporate Energies offers a complete turnkey service for the measurement campaign of wind energy projects, covering all the essential aspects such as:

  • Planning and monitoring of the wind measurement setup in compliance with the requirements of internationally recognized standards and guidelines (IEC, TR6, etc.)
  • Procurement, installation, and operation of Wind Measuring Mast, LiDAR, or SoDAR measurement equipment
  • Supervision and support during the measurement period
  • Monitoring of components functionality and data collection
  • Preparation of monthly status reports
  • Comparison of acquired data with the long-term meteorological data (Merra, Era-I, etc.)
  • Assessment of the wind measurement data and energy yield forecast
  • Micrositing and turbine selection
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling for complex and steep terrains