Wind Industry Development

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further benefits to the national economy beyond new jobs in construction or maintenance: Already with a planned capacity of 250 MW of wind energy to be installed, a tailored wind industry can be profitable with high rates of return!

  • National local content requirements
  • (LCR) foster technology transfer for i.a.:
  • Turbine assembling
  • Direct-drive generator fabrication
  • Steel tower production
  • Rotor blade manufacturing
  • Ancillary industry

Furthermore, an intensive capacity building through concerted staff training is an essential precondition for a sustainable creation of local content.

Corporate Energies offers various services:

  • Evaluation of existing industrial production facilities
  • Work flow conception and factory design
  • Establishing of business plans and timelines
  • Support and Negotiations for technology
  • transfer
  • Procurement of machinery and tools
  • Procurement of financing by export credits
  • Training courses for employees
  • Support with production and marketing