Used wind turbines

The market for second-hand wind turbine is booming especially with the availability of reasonable amount of turbines to build a fleet which is feasible according to economy of scale. The main origins of the turbines are European countries like Germany, Denmark, etc. where the enforced repowering process have made available many turbines even before reaching their operational time limits.

The advantages of used turbines are not only economical but also many of these turbines have simple and proven technology that is still in good shape, and with little refurbishing, can still operate for  many years into the feature. Used wind turbines market is specially attractive to developing countries with new interest on the use of green energy.  

Corporate Energies counts on very skilled personnel to help their customers with projects using second-hand turbines. This help can come at many levels depending on the clients’ needs, it can go from searching the market to find turbines suitable for your winds, price negotiations, turbines inspections on the field (tech. DD), logistics from site to site, refurbishing, foundation design, turbine erection at the new site, design, planning and execution of all required infrastructures.

The good thing about Corporate Energies and its partners’ expertise is that the customer can obtain full packages or individual tasks. Corporate Energies’s main goal is to serve their client according to their specific needs and requirements with high flexibility and adaptability