Tender Processing

A successful tendering process requires the commitment of experts, a deep understanding of the market and a comprehensive analysis of requirements and selection criteria. 
Corporate Energies, endorsed by its global experience in renewable energy tender processing, supports its clients along the process to achieve successful results.

Corporate Energies offers a thorough assessment of the tendering process and supports companies in building adequate plans to meet the goals of their projects. Its team provides support during all phases, performing an in-depth analysis of tender´s requirements, assisting its clients to fill required application forms and to gather necessary documents until the tender proposal is ready to submit.

The services offered by Corporate Energies are the following: 
•Assessment through tendering process
•Proofreading of tender´s final documentation

Corporate Energies and its experts provide recommendations regarding best practices to achieve a successful tender proposal while making sure its clients produce high-quality deliverables to meet the requirements of a tendering process.