Staff Training

Together with its experts, Corporate Energies offers feasibility studies as a complete package in parallel to the smaller service packages for Renewable Energy Projects worldwide. Some of these service packages are:

In companies and institutions, staff training is a valuable investment; giving an essential advantage in today´s competitive market by providing the necessary skills to obtain high-quality results. The process of strengthening an organization through the capacity building is an important factor in order to achieve the goals of a company.

Corporate Energies, together with its experts, promotes the expansion of renewable energies across the global market by offering a complete portfolio of services aimed to train the personnel. In this respect, Corporate Energies provides know-how transfer, supporting its costumers to meet the evolving demands in the renewable energies industry and fulfilling the needs of a country when it comes to educating local experts. This will incubate the application of clean energy technologies to promote economic development of a country.

Corporate Energies offers the following services:
• Training Courses for Employees
• Training Centre Concept Design
• Green Energy Centre

By means of its capacity building services, Corporate Energies promotes knowledge transfer, one of the main aspects to reach sustainable energy generation.