Renewable energy power plants being complex technical systems, they require regular maintenance to ensure an efficient and safe operation, as well as to maximize their lifetime. In case of wind turbines in particular, they contain wear & tear parts and require working fluids and lubricants (e.g. oil filters, gear oil, cooling liquids, brake discs, etc.) which have to be changed regularly. This kind of maintenance is carried out in regular intervals and according to a specific scope, both defined by the manufacturer’s maintenance manuals and common industry best practices. It typically comprises of:

  • Visual inspection of all systems and components
  • Functionality tests of main systems and component groups
  • Inspection of safety systems in particular and ensuring their required inspection and/or replacement at specific time intervals defined by the manufacturer or the law
  • Exchange of wear & tear parts 
  • Taking of oil samples (on turbines with gearboxes)
  • Repair of minor defects/damages
  • Cleaning


As for any other complex technical system, during the operation of renewable energy power plants, unforeseen failures may occur. In such cases, unscheduled troubleshooting and repair activities has to be carried out to ensure an optimum operation of the plant and to reduce the down times
to a minimum. The offered repair services include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Exchange and repair of damaged parts Re-building of used spare parts (if possible)
  • Condition monitoring and forecast of “soon to be changed” spare parts


To carry out the repair and maintenance activities, the availability of corresponding parts, consumables, tools, and equipment is required. Corporate Energies manages the logistics procedure including the following processes:

  • Identification and management of the need for different parts,
  • consumables, tools, and equipment;
  • Purchase of items and materials needed;
  • Constant search for improvements in the supply chain (e.g. better quality, better prices, faster delivery times, etc.);
  • Organisation and management of warehouses