Project Development

CE count on personnel with more than 20 years’ experience in renewable energy project development. The development of such project is long and complex process integrating different fields of expertise, starting by knowing the world market, in search of real opportunities, specially in developing markets, where both authorities and investors need support. On time CE has developed a methodology identifying our customers’ requirements doing a  Tailored Market Research to make sure our customer’s needs, and expectations are fulfilled.

The process will continue with a prefeasibility study using data (wind/solar) from maps, charts, databases and other sources, field experiences, all this combined with CE expertise will render to suggestions for our clients to take the important decisions regarding the projects in hands. CE’s experts use the Plant Siting tool (PST) mainly for this prefeasibility phase of the project to get fast idea of annual energy output, depending on turbines distribution, wind roses, land availability, aerodynamic wakes, etc.

Another important tool to be used early in the process is our Geographical information System (GIS), this will help finding the good spots for the projects. Allowing us to detect interactions with protected areas, grid connection possibilities or wind maps superposition

Certified (bankable), resource availability, data, are always required, sometimes the data are already available, in cases when the wind data provided is not sufficient or not existing, CE offers Wind Measurement Campaigns as part of their services.

An important part of the project development is a detailed Feasibility Study, CE experts will go through all elements like resources available, different hub heights (wind farm), cranes requirements and availabilities, internal and external electrical connection, communications, internal roads, etc. with the sole objective to prove  the business case for your renewable energy project.

Grid connection studies are very relevant part of the project development, going from grid code compliance analysis, technical planning, evacuation line design, electrical losses calculation and optimization, substation design and all the simulations often required by the grid operators. CE experts will take any of theses challenges on customers request and carry it out to a successful solution.

CE can take your project from an idea to reality.