Plant Siting Tool (PST)

Corporate Energies supports decision-makers in the development of renewable energy power plants with Plant Siting Tool (PST) – its customized geographical information tool. All the necessary information for the development of a renewable energy power plant is included in one single, versatile instrument, accessible anytime without restrictions.

The implementation of a PST for a specific country or region aims at identifying the most suitable sites for the development of renewable energy plants and at establishing priorities among them for the project development. The PST is also including information and constraints about each site, providing the customer a rich information database.

The PST is mainly used in the pre-feasibility stage of project development. For this purpose, Corporate Energies gathers all the needed information by looking into international databases, from the local authorities or by purchasing the necessary data from international organizations. The information collected are then spatial referenced into the geographical system.

The selection of the most suitable sites is performed based on the technical advantages offered by each. A score is then assigned to each aspect in order to establish a ranking among the selected sites.

Due to the versatility of the software used and the constant evolution of the RE sector, the information in the PST can be easily periodically updated.