The market for renewable energies is expanding worldwide. On the track of providing the required Services & Goods in new markets, Corporate Energies follows its customers such as:

          Governmental bodies
          Project developers
          Investment funds
          Insurance companies

Corporate Energies offers the whole range of expertise to fulfill customer’s needs for planning, financing, construction or optimisation of clean energy power plants.

Under one sheltering umbrella, Corporate Energies concentrates on the workforce of different affiliated and partner companies. Today we combine competitive excellence, a strategic understanding of business and technical know-how under one single holding structure.

Industry development PV mounting system

M&A Advisory Business Consulting

Plant Siting Tool (PST)

Wind Turbine Performance Optimization

Wind Industry Developmen

Risk Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Used Wind Turbines


repair & maintenance

Staff Training

Wind Measurement Campaign

Feasibility Study

Component Manufacturing

Industry development PV mounting system

Grid Connection Studies

Infrastructure Building For Wind Farms

Tailored Market Research

Used Wind Turbines

Technicai Operations Management

Micrositing Planning

Owner's Engineer

Clean Energy Training Centre

Project Development


Geographic Information System (GIS)

Spare Parts Export

Tender Processing