Micrositintg & Planning

In the wind energy industry, micrositing is the process of planning the wind farm by selecting the turbine type and the exact position within the site. Corporate Energies with the support of a wind modelling and wind farm design software, optimizes the location of the wind turbines with the aim to maximize the energy output and at the same time minimizing the negative turbulence and environmental effects.

During the micrositing process many aspects such as wind conditions (evaluation of the statistic data concerning wind speed and wind direction), building requirements (distance from existing buildings), ownership structure of the area, accessibility, influence of the WTG on the environment (shadow flickering, noise emission), and finally the distance between the individual turbines in the park have to be taken into consideration.
The optimal position of the wind turbines in the area is essential in order to maximize the energy production and to guarantee compliance with the designing parameters of the energy converter. 
An accurate energy assessment is not only critical for a reliable financial assessment of the wind farm project but it may be also required in bidding processes or as an input for the grid connection studies.