Infrastructure building for wind farms

Services directed towards developers and owners of renewable energy projects, looking for a competent partner for the construction of whole wind farms.

Corporate Energies offers a broad range of construction services.  Depending on the needs of the customer, Corporate Energies can either cover only specific parts of the construction process or act as an EPC contractor, being entirely responsible for the construction work.

The services offered are:

Civil infrastructure

  • Access roads
  • Internal roads
  • Crane pads
  • Foundation

Electrical & Communication Infrastructure

  • Functional buildings (e.g. switch houses,
  • Transformer houses, substations buildings, on-site office, etc.)

Erection Works

  • Transportation and logistics of corresponding equipment
  • Rental/supply of specialized tools and equipment for erection
  • Rental of cranes and auxiliary erection machinery
  • Crane works

Full EPC

  • Engineering for construction
  • Complete procurement of components
  • Planning, execution, and steering of whole construction process