Corporate Energies can provide services for innovation, technology transfer and capacity building required for PV industry development.

Solar energy technology has a great potential to meet the energy needs of various segments especially in countries with high amount of solar radiation. Currently in the emerging markets, most of the technology components such as PV modules, inverters, mounting systems, etc. are imported. However, there is a need to build a reliance on local manufacturing of technology components to promote a faster development of renewable energy sources, reduce the associated costs of renewable energy projects, create jobs, develop and increase self-reliance of countries on indigenous technologies. Achievement of all these will only be possible through technology transfer and acquiring the state of the art technologies.

The benefits of establishing a local manufacturing line to the economy of a country is beyond creating new jobs: by defining a suitable production capacity of PV mounting systems in accordance with the market demand, a tailored industry can be profitable with high rates of return!

“Do you want to set up your facility for local manufacturing of solar photovoltaic technology components and be part of the solar industry value chain?”

How Corporate Energies can assist you?

In evaluating existing industrial production facilities, setting up of turnkey production facilities according to market demand, identification of strengths and areas for development. Development of business plan and project timeline provision of workflow concept and factory design support and negotiations for technology transfer procurement of machinery and tools training courses for employees support with production and marketing quality control to ensure a high-quality production support with the process of company or product certification (e.g. ISO 9001)

Why work with Corporate Energies?

We bring many years of renewable energies expertise together with know-how on training and capacity building methods, while having the intercultural understanding and our passion for a world powered by clean energy resources.