Delivering the produced energy to the grid is the main goal of RE projects. The requirements to meet for grid connection, while ensuring the stability of the electrical grid, are often complicated.

Together with its experts, Corporate Energies offers grid connection studies for RE projects worldwide. Each complete grid connection study consists of several services, which can be offered individually if required.

Grid Code Analysis
Technical Planning
Electrical Losses Calculation
Based on the experience from the international projects in which Corporate Energies has been involved, a variety of international grid codes have to be applied. Corporate Energies is able to support its customers to bold out the bottlenecks in requirements for their projects, and further to prove that the selected components will be able to fulfill the requirements.
Defining the right characteristics of the electrical components before their procurement has an important influence on the project cost/time optimization. This applies in particular (but not exclusively) to components such as: Substations High-voltage switchgear Power transformer
Feasibility of a RE project is usually determined by the amount of the expected energy yield of the plant, which at a specific point of reference will be reduced due to electrical losses in the collector system. These electrical losses vary with the type of collector system and transformers. A system design for a RE project therefore has to be chosen based on techno-economic considerations. Performing an electrical loss analysis is one of the most important steps during the planning stage of a RE project.

Power Quality Analysis

Although fluctuations in the availability of the energy source (e.g. sun or wind) are expected, variations in the generated electricity should be minimized. The quality of the power produced by a plant should be monitored and compensated before being fed into the grid. In the planning phase, the behavior of the output power has to be studied and simulated. This will optimize the technical design of the plant.

Requested Studies by Grid Operator

Corporate Energies offers the preparation of various studies required by grid operators, such as:

  • Load Flow
  • Reactive Power Capability
  • Short Circuit
  • Electrical Energy Losses
  • Cable Ampacity
  • Voltage Control
  • Frequency Control
  • Transformer Inrush
  • Fault Ride-Through
  • Temporary Overvoltage