As a part of environmental management services, an assessment of the possible impact (positive or negative) that a proposed project may have on the environment, considering natural, social, and economic aspects is in the core of the structure and project development process of almost all RE projects. The purpose of the EIA is to ensure that decision-makers consider the ensuing environmental impacts to decide whether to proceed with the project.

Corporate Energies prepares full EIA in accordance with the Scoping Report. A full EIA-Report contains at least (non-exhaustive enumeration):

  • Evaluation of technology and any activity related to the project, which may cause harmful effects to the environment;
  • Assessment of current status of natural and socio-economic environment;
  • Assessment and forecast of waste sources and impact of the project on environment and community health;
  • Assessment, forecast, and determination of measures for managing the aforementioned risks;

Waste disposal measures

Environmental management and supervision programs; 
Cost estimation for environmental protection systems and measures to minimize the environmental impact; Alternative proposals to avoid environmental protection measures.In addition to EIA, Corporate Energies offers a range of other environmental management services, i.a.:

  • Environmental and technical due diligence
  • Assistance in submitting applications for
  • environmental permits/PPC approvals, etc.
  • Sustainability assessments
  • Development of project risk-registers
  • Health impact assessments
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Environmental policy advice
  • Coordination of environmental surveys