Corporate Energies manages the tasks and obligations in connection with commercial matters as well as the coordination and communication with third parties in connection with the operation of RE projects, which essentially consists of the following components:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Contract Management
  • Communication

Corporate Energies handles the processing of payments including invoicing and invoice verification, validation of compensation claims, and the supervision and control of regular cash flows with grid operators, PPA contractors, tax and legal authorities, as well as other contractual partners.

Corporate Energies offers the management of respective bank accounts, including the storage of all accounting records and their forwarding to tax consultants and fiscal authorities.

Contract management includes, i.e., monitoring the fulfillment of all contractual obligations arising from contracts as well as their amendment and cancellation, insofar as this is legally or economically necessary.

As far as communication is concerned, Corporate Energies communicates with, prepares documents for, and requests all necessary documents from e.g. authorities, public bodies, companies, or private persons with regard to their interests, contracts, and approvals for a RE project.

In addition, Corporate Energies communicates and handles all claims with insurance companies, service and maintenance providers, grid operators, PPA contractors, etc.