Corporate Energies can help, through its network of expert and partners, develop an industry for wind energy.

Transferring technology of completed wind turbines, certified design ready for manufacturing.  Selecting the bets technology type for your business.

Provided services include: blueprints, technical specifications, quality controls guides, manufacturing processes, installation manuals, commissioning, operation, etc.

CE will accompany you through the whole process from licensing contract, till prototype certification, even selecting the appropriate suppliers for the many components in the wind turbine, nationalizing some of them.

CE will also provide training for:

               Engineering teams

               Manufacturing teams

               Service and maintenance teams

Apart from all these, you can also use CE services to match national production percentage required from government by also transferring technology in order to manufacturing some of the main components like blades and towers. Such possibilities must be mentioned early in the process so that the technology selection allows for it.