Geographic Information System (GIS)

Our Corporate Energies Geographic Information System (GIS) is a siting tool for the development of renewable energy plants which can be implemented in any region of the world.
The siting tool is fundamental during the pre-feasibility study as it helps to scout and define the best locations for the development of renewable energy projects.
This dynamic tool can support potential investors and stakeholders in the identification of the most suitable sites for the development of renewable energy projects. It enables investigations of the possibilities and eventual critical conditions offered by each area/site. Additionally, it would also be possible to roughly estimate the relevant costs of project construction and the potential economic benefits.
All the information gathered from several valid sources are collected into a .kmz format file, accessible from any computer/laptop with the free software of Google Earth®; this feature makes our product very flexible.
The information included in the GIS could always be improved and the database can always be enriched with new information at a later stage.