Clean Energy Training Centre

The realization of a Clean Energy Training Centre is a way to promote local market development in the areas of the renewable energy and energy efficiency. The motivations behind the realization of such institute are all focused on the implementation and development of renewable energy sources in the territory. Some of the advantages of establishing a Clean Energy Training Centre are described below:

To promote the local market development in the renewable energy sector;
• To increase the awareness about clean sources of energy and reduce the fossil fuel consumption;
• To improve technology transfer;
• To strengthen the local technological knowledge;
• To assist local users to create, protect, own and manage their renewable energy systems;
• To introduce and support new forms of business development;
• To add value to the education sector of the country;
• To create new jobs.

The practice-oriented training and hands-on experience in the field of renewable energy can be suitable for:

• Individuals with an interest in the different types of renewable energy technologies;
• Anyone who wants to expand his/her knowledge in the field of renewable energies;
• Persons from government institutions, decision makers, and industry associations;
• Energy service companies personnel;
• Advisors, consultants, developers, and investors;
• Bank employees responsible for the finance of renewable energy;
• Insurance company employees;
• Students interested in gaining an overview of renewable energies in order to choose a study path.

Corporate Energies together with its academic partners support its clients in the expansion of their training capacity with training the trainers, procurement and assembly of state-of-the-art training equipment, and providing user instructions and handbooks according to newest technological standards.