Engineering, Auditing, and Supervision Services for Renewable Energy Projects

Corporate Energies offers owner’s engineering services to owners and investors of renewable energy projects, assuring that the project is on time, within budget, meets the applicable law and regulations and fulfills the necessary quality and safety standards.

This service is specially directed to the owners and investors who may lack (part of) the necessary know-how and/or want to reduce their own risk mainly during the development, permitting, and construction phase.

Owner’s Engineering in Development Phase

During the development phase, Corporate Energies as an owner’s engineer can either supervise the execution of the corresponding process or even partially carry out some of the tasks in the name of the owner/developer. Specifically these tasks are:
Baseline analysis of project site and development status
Supervision or review of:
Wind measurement campaign
Land acquisition
Project definition and siting
Permitting process
Logistics assessment
Micrositing and technology selection
Yield assessment
Financial modelling
Detailed technical design (including transport and construction logistics)
Construction planning

Owner’s Engineering in Construction Phase

During the construction phase, Corporate Energies as an owner’s engineer takes a supervising function, typically controlling the planning and execution work by the EPC-contractor and its sub-contractors. Specifically these tasks are:
Baseline analysis of construction design and planning
Review of design, planning, and contract
Recommendations for adaptation of contracts, design, and planning
Supervision of:
Bidding and tender processes
Transport logistics
Construction and erection activities
Monitoring and controlling of:
Time schedule
Final inspections, recommendation for hand-over and creation of punch lists
Support in placing claims
Reporting to owner