Together with its experts, Corporate Energies offers feasibility studies as a complete package in parallel to the smaller service packages for Renewable Energy Projects worldwide. Some of these service packages are:

Initial Expert Overview

Before carrying out a complete feasibility study, a preliminary study is required to determine the main risks and to predict the financial feasibility of a project at a an early stage.

Site Assessment

Based on the topographic map, the data on resource availability (wind data, solar radiation, etc.), and the technical characteristics of the components, Corporate Energies prepares an energy yield analysis of the project as a first step and offers the most suitable solutions to implement it.

For this purpose, the technical design of the power plant will be analyzed and optimization proposals will be submitted in a way that a maximum energy yield will be achieved while minimizing the costs.

Finally, taking into account the results of the site evaluation and financial studies, Corporate Energies advises on one of the most important decisions in the planning phase - the selection of the components with the best price-performance ratio.

Technical Planning

  • Planning constraints map
  • Technical design of a plant and selection of
  • suitable components
  • Energy production
  • Initial communications assessment
  • Initial access assessment
  • Site survey
  • Summary and risk assessment

Financial Feasibility

  • Offering different financial sstructures for
  • financing a project
  • Building up financial models
  • Finding investors and providing finance for
  • RE projects

Grid Connection Studies

Planning the internal grid of a plant (e.g. a wind farm), meeting the electrical requirements on the grid connection point, suggestions o the technical configuration of the components, etc. can be provided by Corporate Energies and its experts.